A Second Chance by Mary esses

limited time March 12 to March 16



Schedule your one hour, no-fee consultation with ME HERE.

Bring the jewelry you DON’T WEAR ANYMORE* AND LET’S redesign, recycle and revamp!

You can choose any from my inventory of chains, STONES, CLASPS, LEATHERS.



Valid from March 12 to March 16, 2018

  1. Schedule your one hour, no-fee consultation.
  2. Bring the jewelry to the appointment and any reference materials such as images or inspirational pieces.   
  3. Together, we will design a new piece using your jewelry as a starting point.
  4. You will receive a cost estimate and production time during the consultation.
  5. Submit your 18K gold as credit for the new piece.
  6. The consultation will take place in Manhattan, NY.