Special thanks for a special show!

I have a confession to make… several months ago, after years of working only in 18k gold, I nearly abandoned plans for my sterling silver and brass line. My good friend Paula (with, apparently, an outstanding gauge of the jewelry market!) saw my sketches, fell in love with the designs, and insisted I follow through. To her—and everyone who loved and ordered the line at the Couture show in Vegas this month—I am so grateful.

I was elated and overwhelmed by buyers’ reception to this new collection at Couture. (the sample of this one bracelet, for example, had three buyers vying to wear it home themselves!)

I’m happy to report that all three are already wearing their new bracelets!

This is just one of the many reasons I returned from Las Vegas so upbeat and excited about the coming season. In the midst of seeing old friends and meeting new at the show, I received word that I was a finalist in the design awards for this Lace Collection bracelet.

For a small designer brand, amid so many talented designers at Couture, just having the distinguished judges include my work among the finalists is a dream come true.

As I regroup post-Vegas, process orders, and look forward to summer, I am so thankful to both my retail partners for their support at the Couture show; and to my friends and family, for their encouragement always.

Celebrate your stripes!

I’ve heard the saying, “a leopard can not change his spots; nor a zebra his stripes”. My new lace collection grouping celebrates the latter. I love that proverb’s message: be true to your own spirit and path in life. With a nod to the graceful lines of these unique African animals, this line reminds you that individuality is beautiful, so why would you want to change?

The Zebra designs are crafted in my signature woven, fabric-like lace style. All pieces are 18k gold and feature subtle curves and organic shapes reminiscent of a zebra’s stripes. Here are a few of the newest pieces, with diamond accents. I hope to see you at Couture, where I’ll be introducing the entire Zebra group!