Houston, you have style!

What takes to be amongst the 40 top jewelries in the USA? Hard work, creativity and a great sense of style. 

This is I W Marks Jewelers, a family-owned business recognized as the largest and finest jeweler in the greater Houston area for over 35 years.

Their creativity also shows on media, like the ad they ran in the 1980’s featuring the famous wrestler Paul Boesch, whose trademark cauliflower ears reflected his years in the wrestling ring, wearing a pair of diamond earrings.

And speaking of style and creativity...  yes! - Mary Esses is there! 

These are a few of our pieces you can find at their 12,000 ft store. 

It has been a pleasure being part of I.W.Marks story in Houston!

3841 Bellaire Blvd - Houston, TX 77025 (map)

phone: (713) 668-5000
Hours: Mon-Wed 10-6; Thu 10-7; Fri-Sat 10-6

Wishing you a great November!

Mary Esses