Ready to go!

While many are preparing for Memorial Day barbecues and a long weekend, I–like most of my jewelry industry friends–are finishing last-minute details and packing for jewelry’s biggest week of the year: the Vegas shows! I can’t wait to introduce my new designs, including a new color grouping and (announcing for the first time here!) a gorgeous new Silver collection. I can’t wait to hear what you think…

Along with these, I’ll be showing the new Coral and Zebra designs. You’ll find me at Couture’s Design Atelier, DA01.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend and a safe trip to Las Vegas!

From the oceans deep

For as long as I can remember, the ocean has played an essential role in my life. It calls me, as both the place where I feel most relaxed and as a muse for my creative work. The latest illustration: my new Coral Collection.

Like coral, these pieces feature a unique, beautiful and tactile surface. All crafted in 18k gold, this Coral grouping is one of my favorites. I love how the theme is so personal to me, yet is translated into designs that are contemporary and universal.

I’m looking forward to introducing the full range of Coral at the Couture show later this month!

Celebrate your stripes!

I’ve heard the saying, “a leopard can not change his spots; nor a zebra his stripes”. My new lace collection grouping celebrates the latter. I love that proverb’s message: be true to your own spirit and path in life. With a nod to the graceful lines of these unique African animals, this line reminds you that individuality is beautiful, so why would you want to change?

The Zebra designs are crafted in my signature woven, fabric-like lace style. All pieces are 18k gold and feature subtle curves and organic shapes reminiscent of a zebra’s stripes. Here are a few of the newest pieces, with diamond accents. I hope to see you at Couture, where I’ll be introducing the entire Zebra group!

Retail Partner Spotlight: Reinhold Jewelers

It’s exhilarating for a designer to partner with a retailer and have the opportunity to showcase designs to a new audience. It is even more special when the retail partner is one of the most revered women in the jewelry industry. Thus, I am so lucky to have met Marie Helene Morrow of Reinhold Jewelers, and to have had her believe in me and my collection.

Puerto Rico-based Reinhold Jewelers, as many already know, is a premiere jeweler in the Caribbean, and one of the most respected fine jewelry names in North America. The store was named Top Retailer for Designer Jewelry by the WJA (Women’s Jewelry Association) in 2003. Reinhold Jewelers features work by both local and world-renowned jewelry designers.

President Marie Helene Morrow – a passionate and respected jewelry connoisseur – has become a very good friend of mine over the years. She works hard and knows exactly what she wants and what will work in her store. In June of 2000, JCK magazine profiled her and, if ever a quote summarizes her recipe for success, it is this: “When I go to shows, I look for an artist whose work I will fall in love with… I have to love what I represent.

Along with her confident understanding of jewelry design, I love that Marie Helene doesn’t compromise her personal convictions. Like me, she has a strong belief that women should not have to choose between having a career or a family (Caribbean Business, 2004). In 2010, she was nominated by her peers to receive the Couture Human Spirit Award for being a selfless and committed leader in the jewelry community.

Marie Helene’s incredible energy is expressed through her store and her life. She is constantly aware of everything that is happening in the world, jewelry related or not. She is always open to talk about business, life, or anything… While I was in Puerto Rico for a trunk show at Reinhold, she invited my family and me to her beautiful art-filled home overlooking the beach. We had a wonderful time and, even though my son almost destroyed her home, she still asks about him! 

I’m honored to count her not only among my business associates, but also among my friends.

Retail Partner Spotlight: Ikram

Designers often dream of celebrities wearing their jewelry. That dream came true for me when America’s ultimate “celebrity”—a woman admired not only for her fashion sense, but more for her intelligence and sophistication—donned my jewelry. The woman: Michelle Obama. Yes, our FLOTUS wore my jewelry several times. All thanks to one of my favorite retail partners: Ikram.

Ikram is the premiere fashion boutique in Chicago. A beautiful and eclectic luxury fashion boutique, Ikram features a perfect mix of designer ready-to-wear, accessories, and (of course) fine jewelry. The secret to Ikram’s success is simple: its owner and namesake Ikram Goldman.

Goldman is one of Chicago’s most influential women, and a long-time consultant to the Windy City’s most stylish… including Michelle Obama. Last year, Goldman was voted Top 100 Most Powerful Chicagoans by Chicago Magazine. While known as a fashion consultant to Obama and Chicago’s well-heeled women and celebrities, I especially love that she and her team at Ikram treat every customer like a celebrity.

Given Goldman’s exquisite taste and renowned eye for design (and that she hand-picks Ikram’s finely edited and well respected designer inventory) her decision to start carrying my line right after I began my wholesale business really validated my decision and the collection itself. So, thank you my long time partner!

Precious Moments

I don’t often think about it, but one of the benefits of being a jewelry designer is always having on-hand my dream jewelry, for any occasion. Like my clients, I am, I suppose, a good example of how my designs translate to any and every day. For me, they translate from busy days as the mom of two young children, to evenings out with the love of my life, to dinners with extended family, to vacation days, to those much-loved times when I let loose with my girlfriends.

Like every woman, I treasure all these memories, and love having the perfect accessory for each moment. Here are some from my personal albums…

Dinner with those who love me most: my mom and my husband

Dinner with those who love me most: my mom and my husband

A quiet lunch while visiting Great Barrington, Mass.

A quiet lunch while visiting Great Barrington, Mass.

Time alone with the man I love

Time alone with the man I love

Everyday chores: at the market

Everyday chores: at the market

“Me” time; hamming it up with my girlfriends

“Me” time; hamming it up with my girlfriends

Precious family moments

Precious family moments

The real women of Mary Esses

One of the most rewarding moments in my jewelry’s journey from design concept to final piece is the last: seeing a woman wearing and loving one of my designs. Several clients recently sent me personal pictures and, while some jewelry designers hire models to show their jewels, I think these radiant women are far more beautiful. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did!